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Hope View Elementary School

17622 Flintstone Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

About the Name

Many years ago encyclopedia companies bought sections of swamp land in Huntington Beach and subdivided them into approximately 25 × 50 foot lots. These lots were used to sell encyclopedias everywhere with the promise to get “California land” with a purchase of the books. These tracts of land were scattered throughout northern Huntington Beach. It was very time consuming to clear title to these lots but through condemnation proceedings, buildable sites could be realized.

Hope View got its name from the hope that all the legal hurdles could be met within a certain time line so that the District could purchase the site and build a school. It is a large site that the District obtained at the best kind of price—almost nothing!

Understanding the Master Plan Diagram

The Master Plan for this site is a diagram of needs, priorities and quantities. The goal of each Master Plan is to quantify these priorities and their associated cost. This Master Plan diagram should not be interpreted as a “design solution” for the campus. Read more about Master Plans.

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 1967 (original)
2006 (modular addition)
Site Area: 14.38 AC
626,393 SF
618 students Building Area: 50,734 GSF
Student Density
(SF per student)
1,014 (site)
82.1 (building)
Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)
(building area ÷ site area)