Master Plans

Phase 5 of the Master Planning Process

Master Planning Overview Back to Top

Drawing upon the Community and Parent Input Sessions, digital questionnaires, physical assessments and educational adequacy site walks, a comprehensive master plan document is produced for each school site. Each master plan identifies the comprehensive repair and renovation projects, as well as new building and site enhancement projects.

An estimate of the probable costs associated with each campus master plan project is established to assist with the implementation and prioritization plans.

Example of a Campus Report Card

Understanding Master Plan Diagrams Back to Top

The Master Plan for each campus is a diagram of needs, priorities and quantities. Each Master Plan is developed from the information gathered from our outreach efforts, facilities assessments and the District’s educational vision. The goal of each Master Plan is to quantify these priorities and their associated cost.

Master Plan diagrams should not be interpreted as a “design solution” for each campus. Rather, all locations, adjacencies and program suggestions within the buildings are presented to show they are recognizable and accounted for. As each Master Plan is implemented, each project will begin with a programming phase, and the design team will work with each school to assess the details and implications of each priority identified in the campus master plan.