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Lake View Elementary School

17451 Zeider Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

About the Name

This school was built on a spot where a lake would form after each rainfall. It now has a drainage ditch to carry off most of the water.

Understanding the Master Plan Diagram

The Master Plan for this site is a diagram of needs, priorities and quantities. The goal of each Master Plan is to quantify these priorities and their associated cost. This Master Plan diagram should not be interpreted as a “design solution” for the campus. Read more about Master Plans.

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 1967 (original)
through 2006 (various construction)
Site Area: 13.77 AC
599,821 SF
253 students Building Area: 42,894 GSF
Student Density
(SF per student)
2,371 (site)
169.5 (building)
Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)
(building area ÷ site area)